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December 22, 2020


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Key Things to Know About the Freelancer vs. Employee Taxation

The freedom to select clients and working hours are some of the perks of becoming a freelancer. Therefore, if you are considering making this move into the freelance industry, you need to get insights on the taxation. You need to know that taxation works differently between the freelancers and the employed people. To know taxation for the freelancers works it is smart you search for the best website to guide you. You will aim to ensure you pay your taxes on time as a freelancer. Continue reading this blog now to see the key things to know about the freelancer vs. employee taxation.

For the employees, the employers are responsible for handling their income taxes. You will therefore receive a salary that is less various deductions made by the employer. The employer will withhold your income tax for the month and make other voluntary deductions. The amount you pay in taxes as an employee will depend on your income and where you work. It is also wise you learn more about things that can help you pay fewer taxes. It is smart you view this website that will guide you to know the taxation forms to use when you are employed. The other thing is to check the state and local taxes that you are required to pay depending on where you live.

If you decide to become a freelancer, you need to know that you will be managing all things relating to the taxes you pay. Your clients will not deduct the taxes from the money they pay you for the services you offer to them. You need to ensure you keep accurate records on the money you receive from clients for a given duration to use the amount to determine the taxes you will pay- It may be challenging for new freelancers to handle the complex taxation process. It is wise you look for resources that will guide you on how to handle this task. You may need to hire an accountant to help you calculate the taxes when you are a freelancer. The other option is to find software that you can use to calculate the taxes when you are a freelancer. It is smart you examine these two alternatives, see the cost of each to identify the one to employ. You can deduct certain expenses from your income as a freelancer reducing the amount you pay in taxes.

Handling the taxes as a freelancer does not have to be hard when you keep a good record of your earnings. You may opt to use a spreadsheet to keep track of the money you have earned in the years.