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How to Unblock Websites in Qatar

Simple and fun guide how to unblock websites in Qatar using secure VPN service for Middle East - Sahrzad.

How to Bypass Saudi Arabia's restricted sites with VPN Account

Saudi people have started initially to make use of the Internet for online activism, however the regulators have obstructed their information and imprisoned a few online authors. An area human rights team indicated curiosity about lawfully demanding the government's censorship of human rights websites. Broadly speaking, Internet blocking in Saudi Arabia showcases larger efforts by their state to repress resistance and market just one spiritual creed.

How to Watch Youtube Videos without Restrictions

There is a really large amount of videos which are accessible on YouTube spanning over all kinds of classes and/or subjects. The only issue is that every now and then after you come across a video it is blocked in your nation and also you see the nasty message denying the access. For example, there are lots of music videos that cannot be accessed in Europe and many other areas. Viewer can only access these videos on YouTube if they're from US.

Ways on how to bypass hulu country restriction

Watch Hulu Outside UAE

Some video solutions like ABC,, Disney and other people put an area restriction so residents from outside US can’t watch video from these sites. What these websites do is a safety known as IP location checking. If it sees that your IP is from other country than US it says: “no you cannot watch that”. One of the causes for this kind of a restriction is that advertisers for all those video solutions do not want to spend for advertisements to be noticed by somebody outdoors the US. Millions of people want to stream Hulu outside The USA.

How to Unblock Facebook in Vietnam

Unblock Facebook in Vietnam

If you are touring or visiting Vietnam or are living there permanently, and you can’t access Facebook on your laptop, it might surely be the Vietnamese authorities are restricting internet users from using Facebook. Imagine the dismay of travellers and citizens alike when they cannot enjoy playing Cityville, Tetris, Bingo and following their favorite artists and bands on the most popular social networking site today.

How to Unblock Sites in Bahrain using VPN?

Unblock Sites in Bahrain

Bahrain is a tiny island nation in the Persian Gulf whose wealth derives from petrolium and aluminum products. Being ruled by an Islamic monarchy, the government put down strongly on its internet access. Tourists and visitors are frustrated when they cannot be able to get access to any website they want. Bahraini citizens have to have permission from the authorities to be able to access the Internet. People visiting to country may question on how to unblock sites in Bahrain without drawing attention from the authorities and running against the internet censorship law.

P2P VPN Serivce - How to Download Torrents Anonymously

Torrent VPN Service

Many people experience some problems regarding on their privacy while they are surfing. But worry no more for in this days and with the influence of communication social trends there are lots of ways on how to minimize or shall we say prevent those internet problem. For many internet users it is always a good precaution to use a VPN any time you plan to connect to the Internet through a public connection.

How to Access to Dubai’s Blocked Websites

Dubai is a rich and the most modern country in Western Asia. A leading export of petroleum and natural gas, Dubai enjoys economic freedom plus it gets millions of visitors from other countries come to UAE every year. In spite of its up to date technology and famous tourist spots all over Dubai, it holds strong internet restrictions that block popular websites such as Skype, Facebook, Youtube and Orkut. Although internet connection is available in hotels, offices and cafes, internet users cannot enjoy the said sites due to religious, moral and political reasons.

How to watch Hulu in Brazil

watch hulu in Brazil

Millions of people love to watch American shows online. Hulu is streams popular shows like House, Modern Family, and Glee on the internet. It has thousands of videos and t.v. shows to choose from where they can enjoy it 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Unfortunately for those who live outside the U.S., they people have trouble watching Hulu online because it is blocked online to countries in Asia, Australia, Canada, and China. In Brazil where young and old alike love to watch American shows online, they cannot because of Hulu restrictions for non US users.

VPN for Android Tablets

Vpn for android tablets

As the world goes more hi-tech almost all things are also getting more modernized. The aspect that was really affected in these changes was the media and telecommunications gadgets. Among all those in demand gadgets is the android tablet. It’s undeniable that Android tablets are extremely popular today. Almost all kinds of people whatever field they have for living use the tablet in many countries in the world. Android users use their android phone for Internet browsing when they are not at home through public Wi-Fi spots or hotspots.


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