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How to watch Hulu from outside the US

Many Americans love watching Hulu and every time they must go abroad they lose this entertainment. For some people this is not essential and they can easy find another way to spend their free time while for others Hulu is an important part of life.

So, how to watch hulu from outside the US?
Before we can find an answer to this question we must understand how hulu’s restriction works? The point is that Hulu blocks all users with non American IP. And now solution is simple – get USA IP address and Hulu will be opened for you.
How to change your IP to American?
Nowadays you don’t have to go to the United States to get USA IP you can just use vpn or proxy services. But is a smart service and now it blocks most ips of free proxy and vpn services. But there are still a lot of USA vpn service providers who can help you watch Hulu overseas.
If you want to be sure in vpn service you can ask vpn provider for a test account and most vpn services can provide you free vpn account for test.
When you find a good and reliable service you need to create new vpn connection from your computer, ipad or iphone to the vpn server. Usually vpn providers have how to guiders to make the process fast and easy.
When vpn tunnel is ready you can use it. Under the vpn you have USA IP (it is important to use USA VPN). And that is all – you can watch HULU from outside the USA as easy as from America.

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