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How to watch Hulu in Malaysia

watch Hulu in Malaysia

People in Malaysia don’t believe that Hulu is now available in Malaysia, but then this is true as long you have your own vpn connection. As we all know is a US based site, so technically speaking this site is understood to be exclusive for American countries. But then there are many people who are avid fan on watching hulu in internet. Hulu is popular for it offers good and popular American shows. Hulu’s aim is to provide users with the web’s most comprehensive selection of premium programming across all genres and formats. No matter how wonderful hulu offers, other countries cannot easily access on it, this is due to limitations of copyrights, that’s why almost all Hulu shows are limited to viewing inside the USA and especially outside USA . But with the help of some software hulu is possible to watch in Malaysia.

For you to watch hulu while you’re in Malaysia or Australia you need to change your real IP address. This is because the main point for you to watch hulu is by having another IP address. When you watch hulu and you’re still using you’re real IP address your computer will detect that you’re not stationed in US but in Malaysia and with that your request will be denied.

For you to have this scenario you need a special server that will allow you to change or hide your Malaysian address. And that is by having a VPN account ( This is a virtual private network that can be used so that you are able to watch Hulu in the Malaysia. This server does connect you to a server that will act as a middleman between you and the website you want to reach, which is hulu. A vpn is designed to help people use public networks as their remote private offices and keep their information secure. It also maintains your IP address anonymous and protects your information safe every time you are online so anonymity is an assurance.

Having vpn connection is just an easy thing to do, first is buy your vpn account, connect to the server and then enjoy watching hulu. In connecting vpn to your gadgets like Ipad, MAC, iphone and many more is also easy as long it can carry on its technology it has. There’s also a step by step vpn set up manual for you to use in connecting you own vpn connection. Now after ending your application of vpn connection you can now start streaming your desired movies and shows with even you’re in Malaysia.

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