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VPN Account for Iran

Iranian people suffer from strict Internet censorship and serious web filters. Is there any safe and reliable solution to bypass there limits and get an access to blocked websites. VPN account and proxy for Iran are the best solutions for the problem. Why use and vpn in Iran and how to do that? How to select the best vpn or proxy for Iran? How to buy VPN service in Iran? Find the answers below.

Internet is a great progress on humanity and it gives us unbelievable capabilities. However there are many countries where web filters do not let people to access many sites, web services and social networks.

Iran is among the countries with the strongest Internet censorship in the whole world. Millions of websites we are used to read every day are blocked in Iran.
Since March 2012 the government of the country controls Internet and all the web activity of people in Iran. Internet service providers in the country should implement content filters and block websites according for filter lists.

Now the blacklist of prohibited sites contains over five million items and this number is growing. The reason for block are mainly: immoral, anti-social, non-Islamic, and others. Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, news sites are banned from Iran.

If you want to reach Internet freedom and unblock websites in Iran staying anonymous and safe at the same time you just have to use VPN or proxy for Iran. There are the most simple and reliable solutions.

VPN and Proxy for Iran

VPN helps to unblock any website including news sites, social networking websites like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, adults sites, video streaming (like Hulu, Netflix, etc.) and any other.

VPN account hides real IP address and so makes you anonymous in the net.

You can easily change you ip address to USA, Canada, Europe IP address .

Once your IP address is hidden you can bypass Internet restrictions in Iran because all of them are based on your Iranian IP address.

How to buy VPN in Iran

If you are going to Iran you must be aware that due to American embargo web billings will not process the payment from Iran. So if you are going to this region you can buy vpn account for Iran before your trip.

If you are already in the country you can ask somebody from outside to buy vpn for you.

If you still have difficulties buying vpn for Iran you can contact your vpn service provider and they surely find a solution for you. Using VPN in Iran is safe and simple method to unblock sites in Iran.

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