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VPN for Android Tablets

Vpn for android tablets

As the world goes more hi-tech almost all things are also getting more modernized. The aspect that was really affected in these changes was the media and telecommunications gadgets. Among all those in demand gadgets is the android tablet. It’s undeniable that Android tablets are extremely popular today. Almost all kinds of people whatever field they have for living use the tablet in many countries in the world. Android users use their android phone for Internet browsing when they are not at home through public Wi-Fi spots or hotspots. And since you’re browsing outside then it’s better to have protection on your personal and business data. This is because there may be incident that mails, instant messages or just any other data that is sent via your Wi-Fi connection is sent in plain text which can be easily sniffed by anyone using some tools which is definitely available freely in the internet. To prevent this scenario, then it’s time for you to get an android vpn connection for your android phone or android tablet.

So, what is Android VPN and how it works on your android tablets? Android VPN is a virtual private network between your android to vpn server. VPN is usually offered by corporations, schools and many more areas to allow users to connect into the local network while not physically on location. The vpn lets you to hide your real IP address and gives you the will to change it. You can change it to USA, Canada, Europe or another country IP. With VPN also you can solve all those problems regarding on blocked sites, simply because it can bypass Internet filters that is present in some countries.

How to set up VPN in Android

To set up VPN on your Android is very easy. No need to setup any special application for you to add Android VPN. Just follow these standard tools:

  • Select Home > Menu, and tap Settings
  • Then go Wireless & Networks.
  • Touch VPN Settings.
  • Afterwards click Add VPN and then select the type of VPN you want to add.
  • Then enter your VPN account data: VPN name, VPN server address, your vpn login and password that you received from VPN account service in e-mail.
  • Finally, click the menu icon located at top right corner of the screen and Touch Save. That’s it!

By the time you finish adding to the list on the VPN settings screen, time for you to connect. It is also easy and simple you will just need to do the following:

  • From Home Screen go to Application.
  • Click settings and go Wireless & Networks.
  • Then Add VPN and choose the VPN you wish to connect to (VPN Account).
  • After that a dialog will pop out asking to enter any requested credentials and once you already done filling it all, time for you to click Connect.

Today there are many different vpn services offered and it’s up to you on what will you select which you think is the best for you. You can say that a vpn connection is good as long it gives you what you really need. To sum it up VPN account ( is your security and privacy after all for it keeps your Internet privacy under control with vpn for android tablets.

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