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How to play Vindictus in Mexico

Vindictus is a very popular and interesting game but you can play it only with USA IP address. If you wish to play Vindictus in Mexico you need to use usa vpn account.

VPN ( or virtual private network) is a secured and encrypted tunnel from your PC or xbox to the vpn server. USA vpn account connects you with vpn server which is located in the United States. With anonymous USA vpn account you have US ip address and so you can play Vindictus from Mexico.

You can make a vpn connection from any point of the world and you still have USA IP address. So you can play Vindictus from Mexico, Europe, Malaysia, UK, Australia, China or any other country of the world.

VPN service is fast and easy way to play vindictus outside the America.

How to play Vindictus in Mexico?

Firstly you must find a good USA vpn service provider. A price for a fast USA vpn is about 10-15$ for one month. Please not that if you buy cheap vpn it can have low speed what is very bad for a game.

After that you have to to make a new vpn tunnel between you and usa vpn server. VPN setup guides will help you.

After that you can download Vindictus client and play Vindictus in Mexico like you are in USA.

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