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Viewing Blocked Websites

A great amount of Internet users face the problem of restricted sites and, surely, all of them are looking for a solution how to unblock blocked sites.
Some people think this problem cannot be resolved and just stop browsing but we are not the same so we will find the solution!
Today there are many of different Internet bans. In many countries like China, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Belize, and others some sites, social networks, and Internet services are blocked. Another variant is restrictions in school or offices. Lots of entertainment or adult sites are blocked in offices and school to prevent wasting time on such sites.
Did you know that most of web filters are based on IP address? This means that when you try to surf from your IP – you can be banned on blocked sites. So to unblock restricted websites we need only change or mask IP!
The nest question is how to hide or change your IP address? Many services can help you to do that. You can use proxy or vpn service.
I can suggest vpn service because it lets to use any program or application that requires safe and anonymous Internet connection. VPN hide your IP and encrypt all your traffic sent through vpn channel. VPN service is more reliable then proxy and usually it will give you higher speed.
However you must understand that personal vpn cannot make your Internet channel wider. It can only help you to change virtually your IP.
So for viewing blocked websites you can use personal vpn service.

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