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Unblock Websites UAE

Today many people face the problem of web filters and the question How to unblock sites is actual now. Middle East is a special part of our world where Internet restrictions and limits are especially strict. People in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and neighbor countries cannot access many websites, services and social networks. Some Internet users just accept this and use only available services but others try to find a solution for this problem. If you are one of them – go ahead and together we can unblock websites in UAE, Dubai and others regions.

Internet censorship in UAE is based on IP address. What is this? This means that every Internet user in Arab Emirates who connects to global network has UAE ip. And with Arabian ip a big majority of websites is blocked. For example you cannot use Skype in Dubai and UAE, Voip is blocked in UAE and many others services and sites are blocked as well.

How to unblock websites UAE?

Once we know the reason why sites are restricted and this is an IP we can easily resolve this problem with IP ban. All we need is just hide real IP and show an IP of another country where all those sites are reachable.

The next question is how to hide IP and change it to another country. Of course you can move to other region to change your real IP but with modern technologies you can do this staying where you are.

Proxy and vpn services are great solutions for this. VPN account is preferable by several reasons. Personal vpn help you to unblock UAE sites but to send all your traffic through secured and safe vpn tunnel. So all the applications that require Internet connection will work with vpn. Vpn services especially paid vpn services are usually fast and much more reliable then free proxies.

USA VPN is the best way to unblock websites UAE.

The next question is how to use vpn to unblock sites in Dubai, UAE and anywhere else.

Firstly you need to buy your vpn account or get the data for free vpn. You need to know your vpn server address (Select USA, Canada or Europe vpn servers – countries where there are no IP blocks because under the vpn you will have and IP of your vpn server.) Also you need user name and password for connection to vpn server. When you have all this data (you usually receive them by e-mail after you buy your vpn account) you can create new vpn connection between your PC, iPad or iPhone and vpn server.

There are many vpn setup guides that can help you to make a vpn tunnel.

When your vpn connection is ready you can connect to vpn and enjoy your on-line freedom – unblock websites UAE, surf anonymous and stay secured and safe.

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