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How to Unblock Websites in China

 Unblock Websites in ChinaChina is the most populous country in the world. Its population today is over 1.3 billion and it is growing now. This is amazing and very interesting country.
Read below how to unblock websites in China with VPN Account.

Many people in the world heard about China’s Great wall but not everybody knows about China’s Great Wall in the Internet. China’s government controls an access to the global network. Internet censorship in China is one of the strongest in the world.

More than 2600 websites are restricted in China. The only restriction in Hong Cong. It has its own Internet legal system. In the others states such sites as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Picasa, Wordpress, Google documents and many others are blocked. Adult sites are also blocked in the country. The censorship prevent Internet users in China to access foreign news sites, sites with dissident political content, lots of Hong Kong and Taiwanese websites, and pornography sites.

Also a part of block is removing some websites from search engine’s results. Western news and government websites like BBC and Voice of America are also blocked in China. Besides that an access to US-based universities is also banned.

Web restrictions in China are very serious and China’s central government regulates them. All internet service providers must be licensed and that internet traffic go through ChinaNet, GBNet, CERNET or CSTNET.

Current methods of restrictions are IP and URL filtering, DNS and packets filtering.

However all this blocks and restrictions can be easily bypassed with vpn technology.

VPN or virtual private network is a special virtual encrypted tunnel that masks real ip address, codes all the traffic and made you safe and anonymous in the Internet.
Vpn account lets to unblock site in China because it hides real IP address and so China’s Internet limits will not work for. It will looks like you are in USA, Canada, Europe or any other country – the country where your vpn server is located.

Usually vpn service providers offer a big variety of different vpn servers locations so you could select one of them depending on your needs.

Using vpn is absolutely safe and very simple. Under the vpn your Internet privacy is controlled by you. Nobody can monitor your traffic or review what kind of sites you open.
Now it is easy to unblock Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and others websites in China with personal VPN account.

VPN for China is the best solution to unblock sites. VPN connection can be made on various devices such as PC, Mac, ipad, iphone, ipod touch, mobile devices with Android operational system, xbox, ps3 and others.

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