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How to Unblock VoIP in Oman

Southwest Asia is where Oman located and in this country they suffer from a serious censoring and filtering of internet connection. They strongly filter access to the internet because of their religious and cultural beliefs. The use of internet is not allowed as regulated by the Omantel’s (Oman Telecommunication Company) Terms & Condition, this is the one controlled the accessing of site in Oman. Sites that are usually blocked are those who showed pornographic and against the law videos. Businessmen who plan to build Internet cafe’s in Oman must present their floor plan for them to make the computer monitors visible. Not just sites are restricted even the software of VoIP or Voice over IP is not allowed. Example of this is the Skype, known as the most widely used messengers in the world.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services has been blocked in Oman to discourage some unlawful doings through calls and videos. But many people are not in favor with this law promoted by the Omantel and government, that’s why internet users in Oman provide better solution to this. VPN service is the effective way to unblock VoIP in Oman. Countries such as United Arab Emirates, Belize, KSA and many more are also preferred to use VPN to solve the same problem.

VPN lets you hide your IP address and geo location. By the time you change your IP address you can access VoIP immediately and also vpn mask your real IP address so no one can know who you really are. When you are using VPN all the data are passed through via this secure tunnel and are encrypted so nobody can determine that you are using VoIP or Skype in Oman. Anyway VPN is a secured channel between your PC and vpn server.

For you to use VoIP in Oman you must buy your own vpn account and setup vpn connection from your side to a vpn server. This procedure is very simple and fast, cause a vpn guide is available for you. Since there are lots of devices to use in communicating and if you’re worried in connecting well that is not a problem, because any devices will do with VPN Oman as long it can carry on the technology it has.

Better now to forget VoIP restrictions and site blocking in Oman for VPN is just in the corner. You can now enjoy on-line freedom with trusted and cheap vpn service for Oman.

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