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How to Access to Dubai’s Blocked Websites

Dubai is a rich and the most modern country in Western Asia. A leading export of petroleum and natural gas, Dubai enjoys economic freedom plus it gets millions of visitors from other countries come to UAE every year. In spite of its up to date technology and famous tourist spots all over Dubai, it holds strong internet restrictions that block popular websites such as Skype, Facebook, Youtube and Orkut. Although internet connection is available in hotels, offices and cafes, internet users cannot enjoy the said sites due to religious, moral and political reasons.

For first time visitors to Dubai or any UAE countries, there is no reason not to enjoy social networks and internet messengers whenever you are in the area. Most of the internet restrictions are based on IP blocks, so you just need to hide your real IP address and use a different one.

How to unblock sites in Dubai?

To unblock websites in Dubai you just need vpn service that hide your real IP address and encrypt internet traffic so you can access as an anonymous user and location. Vpn services are fast and reliable than proxies, which bypass restrictions and thus malicious software can attack and harm the computer.

Obtain your personal vpn account from a secure and reliable variant that not only allows you to browse anonymously, but can also secure your identity when accessing via Wifi connection. In exchange for its referral fees, your personal VPN lets you surf into websites without seeing any advertisements.

How to use vpn

First, you need to install a client software on your computer and just follow the steps in the configuration settings the vpn service provides. After the installation process, your computer or mobile device should automatically connect. You need to manually connect to the internet if you are on a hotel, office, or café if you have not connected to that place and anywhere in Dubai.

Whenever you decide to visit Dubai and enjoy paradise in Western Asia, never forget to secure your personal VPN to visit social networking and file sharing sites. Now you can relax and enjoy your freedom in accessing to cool sites in Dubai even with the governments strict Internet censorship. Enjoy Skype, Facebook, Youtube and even Rapidshare in your stay in this wonderful and modern country.

If you are searching for a fast, secure and reliable way to unblock sites in Dubai, then vpn is the best one for you.

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