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How to Access Blocked Sites in China

Unblock Sites in China

If visiting China is one of you plan to do, then you must have knowledge regarding China. For many people the country is wonderful, you can learn a 3,000 year old (though they say 5,000) language, eat some great food, meet some great people, and learn a bit about a culture that's different from yours while you're here and most especially you will be amaze to its the very popular Great Wall of China. But another big thing about China is that there is an extreme Internet filtering that the Chinese government has in place. Lots of website was blocked, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Blogger, Wordpress, foreign news sites and many more used site.

Government of China restricted some popular site to let people residing in China avoid in viewing adult sites, gambling, and others harmful sites. Aside from that Western news and government websites like BBC and Voice of America are also blocked in China. Other site is not totally blocked but then the bandwidth of it was limited that’s make the access very slow. Site restrictions in China are very serious and China’s central government really firm in regulating them. But then all this blocks and restrictions can be easily bypassed with the amazing vpn technology.

VPN Account is the best solution to unblock sites in China. VPN or virtual private network is a special virtual encrypted tunnel that masks real IP address, codes all the traffic and made you safe and anonymous in the Internet. Since it hides real IP address this means that China’s Internet limits will not work. In the event you change your real IP address you can use the address of USA, Canada, Europe or any other country. And with China vpn also monitoring your traffic or review what kind of sites you open is not a problem because nobody will know it. Your privacy through vpn is controlled by you and as well as anonymity.

Various devices such as PC, Mac, ipad, iphone, ipod touch, mobile devices with Android operational system, xbox, ps3 and other devices can connect with vpn as long it can support its technology. To set up also is very easy; there is a step by step guide for you. Connecting vpn server is very easy and simple it’s just a three step: buy a vpn account, connect your vpn connection and the best part enjoy surfing while in China.

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