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How to Unblock Facebook in Vietnam

Unblock Facebook in Vietnam

If you are touring or visiting Vietnam or are living there permanently, and you can’t access Facebook on your laptop, it might surely be the Vietnamese authorities are restricting internet users from using Facebook. Imagine the dismay of travellers and citizens alike when they cannot enjoy playing Cityville, Tetris, Bingo and following their favorite artists and bands on the most popular social networking site today.

First of all, before you know how to open facebook in Vietnam, there are many blocked sites in this south East Asian country because of ethical, moral, political reasons. The Vietnamese webmasters are using IP block as method to limit users from browsing banned websites. That means those who are inside Vietnam cannot access to Facebook because their Internet address is the country’s IP address. The government agencies and companies monitor the users’ activities and record all their tasks in the internet.
But no need to worry about, because there are simple ways on how to open Facebook in Vietnam. All you need is to hide your real IP and change it to another country’s IP address where Facebook is not restricted. There are lots of services that will allow you to hide your IP address and VPN is one way to do that.

How to acquire a VPN

VPN stands for virtual private network. VPN allows you to connect to a private network where the Internet information from your computer is hidden under a virtual location. VPN encrypts all the internet traffic that passes through the country network, thus your internet data is read as unknown and the authorities are led to believe that you are not doing something that is suspicious under their noses.

Securing a vpn account is at least ten dollars a month, although the prices can be offered with services for at least one week and can be extended for one year. After you have purchased your VPN, you have to log in with your details, without requiring additional installation or set-up after you have entered to the network.

Any device that is compatible with vpn just works the way anywhere and anytime you want. You can get high security level with their service and now you have no more room to worry on how to open Facebook in Vietnam when you are in internet café, hotel or office via WiFi.

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