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How to Unblock Facebook in Vietnam

Social network site is very well used in many countries nowadays by many people. Among all popular social network site is considered as the biggest and most used by internet users. But in a lot of companies and countries, this social network is blocked by firewall. For example most Asian countries like China and Vietnam you cannot easily access Facebook for some reasons. In Vietnam the Government is the one who controlled the news and social media and for the people in Vietnam as well its tourist must try a different approach for them to have access to it.

Using Facebook is said to be one of the best tool to stay in touch with our friends and family, share our pictures and check out what everyone else is up to. Since it is blocked they are different methods being used by people in order to access Facebook in Vietnam. From various methods there are two ways that proven to work well. These methods are by using proxies and premium VPN.

Let starts with the free proxy’s methods. As you know, everyone really became a fan on anything that was offered for free. Free proxy is a high amount of traffic which brings attention to it. If you want to visit any restriction site all you need is to have a good proxy. By the time you use proxy there is a tendency that your speed might be slow because of the respond time of proxy server. In order for you to have a good quality you should buy a private proxy or socks. Since it is mostly offered free that’s why sometimes the proxy server will go offline, then Facebook will not work.

On the other hand another recommended method to unblock Facebook not just in Vietnam but as well to the other country is by using VPN. Short for virtual private network is what VPN stand for, this service not only unblocks websites but it also offers security and anonymity when you’re browsing the Internet. What makes it unique is that it hides your real IP address and allows you to have another IP address or fake your IP address while you’re in Vietnam. It also encrypts internet traffic, tunneled properly and secured data. And definitely it works every time and the performance is fast. Installing on it is absolutely hassling free and connecting it is so easy and simple. VPN server is not offered free but then investing on it is such a good decision. Well then in accessing Facebook in Vietnam VPN service is the which is highly recommended.

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