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Unblock Chatroulette - How to Unblock Chatroulette

Internet makes our world smaller because today you can talk to a person from the other continent like he is in the next room. There are many web services for communication and chatroulette is one of the most interesting tools. This service random pairs people for conversation with web cameras. Millions of users talk to strangers every day.

Everybody can use chatroulette. There are only several limits for using this service: you must be over 18 years old and you should avoid pornographic, immoral or offensive behavior. If you do not follow the rules are some users complain – you will be banned from chatroulette.
if you were blocked by mistake you need a way to unblock chatroulette. One of the most easy way is changing your ip address. You can bypass chatroulette ban if you can change your ip.

You can use proxy or vpn service for this purpose. Of course personal vpn is more reliable solution and it lets unban chatroulette in a few simple steps:

  1. Buy vpn account for example USA vpn
  2. Create new vpn connection (you can use vpn setup tutorial for this)
  3. Connect chatroullete and enjoy communications.

However you must remember that this solution will not work for you if you violate the rules and use chatroulette as an adult site. Several complains from users and you will banned again despite the vpn account.

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