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How to Access to Dubai’s Blocked Websites

Dubai is a rich and the most modern country in Western Asia. A leading export of petroleum and natural gas, Dubai enjoys economic freedom plus it gets millions of visitors from other countries come to UAE every year. In spite of its up to date technology and famous tourist spots all over Dubai, it holds strong internet restrictions that block popular websites such as Skype, Facebook, Youtube and Orkut. Although internet connection is available in hotels, offices and cafes, internet users cannot enjoy the said sites due to religious, moral and political reasons.

How can I open blocked sites in UAE

Open Blocked sites in UAE

When you’ve been in United Arab Emirates, and you were a type of person who are into internet worlds maybe you encounter some connection problem viewing some site. This is because some sites are blocked. If you plan to go in UAE you must know the ideas of its internet censorship. This is very important for you if you wish to connect to Skype and many other sites. In order to this you must know how to unlock the sites in UAE.

How to Open Blocked Websites in UAE

Some years ago UAE was a poor country in the Middle East but today this is nice and rich young Asian land with Dubai – the richest city in Asia and real architect wonders in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Despite some emirates of the country are still not very developed millions of tourist desire to visit UAE every year.

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