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How to setup vpn in Droid2, Android2.1

To setup a new vpn connection on your Motorola DROID 2 with Android 2.1 system you need to follow the next instructions.

To create new vpn tunnel

  1. Select Home > Menu, and tap Settings
  2. how to setup vpn in droid2

  3. Select Wireless & networks item


How to setup vpn connection in ipad, iphone, ipod touch

To make a new vpn connection on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch you need to do the next steps:

  1. Select Settings > General > Network > VPN
  2. Click Add VPN Configuration
  3. Choose PPTP VPN
  4. On the next screen please enter you vpn account data. You will receive your vpn server name, username and password in the e-mail from your VPN provider.

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