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Is it safe to download torrents?

Bittorents are extremely popular today. People use p2p services to share some files like music, videos, etc. But is it safe to download torrents?
In some countries people use torrents without any scares. But if you live in USA or some other country where p2p are prohibited you must be careful downloading torrents. I am not sure what punishment can be used for those who share and download torrents but in any case is it a good idea to stay anonymous and hide your IP if you download bittorents.

To be safe and secured and for anonymizing bittorents you can use personal vpn account. VPN is a special secured channel from your PC to vpn server. VPN hides your IP and codes all the traffic sent through vpn. So it is safe and easy to download bittorrents with torrent vpn.

Lots of Internet users are not familiar with vpn but this is not the reason to avoid it. Personal vpn account can help you to download torrents safely and secured.

There are free and paid vpn but I would not suggest you free services because they are not very reliable. So your vpn tunnel can be disconnected anytime and your IP will be visible. If you need reliable and secure vpn account to download torrents safely I can recommend paid vpn service. It is safe to download torrents with p2p vpn service.

Choosing a vpn provider remember that USA vpn will not suit you because torrents are forbidden in the United States so you need to select another country. European vpn service is a good variant for this.

To download torrents safely firstly buy your vpn account. You can select a period you need - from one week to one year. The longer period you chose – the low price is. VPN account is your data (login and password) for connection to vpn server.

After that you can make a new vpn connection from your PC using special set up guide for your operational system. When your vpn tunnel is ready you can download torrents safely and be sure that your privacy is under control.

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