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Watching Netflix Outside the US - How to watch Netflix outside US with VPN Service

Millions of people all over the world love Netflix. This is a fantastic service that offers tones of videos. Everything is good about it but one – it is available only for the United States. What to do if you need to go abroad?

How to setup vpn connection in ipad, iphone, ipod touch

To make a new vpn connection on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch you need to do the next steps:

  1. Select Settings > General > Network > VPN
  2. Click Add VPN Configuration
  3. Choose PPTP VPN
  4. On the next screen please enter you vpn account data. You will receive your vpn server name, username and password in the e-mail from your VPN provider.

Ipad PPTP VPN - vpn for ipad

We live in era of information and computers. We must stay mobile and at the same time connected to the world. When people need something it is invented. So Ipad was developed by Apple in 2010 and since that time it won the hearts of millions users. Business man and students, travelers and journalists cannot imagine their lives without Ipad today. This is something between laptop and Smartphone. People use ipad all over the world for different purposes and one of the most important for majority ipad users is Internet access.

How to unblock websites in Saudi Arabia?

If you plan a journey to Saudi Arabia you must be aware that there is an Internet Censorship in this country. This means that Internet users in KSA cannot use many websites, social networks like Facebook , services like Skype and others. If you do not want to stop surfing and use only a few sites that are available let us find a solution to unblock websites in Saudi Arabia.

Viewing Blocked Websites

A great amount of Internet users face the problem of restricted sites and, surely, all of them are looking for a solution how to unblock blocked sites.
Some people think this problem cannot be resolved and just stop browsing but we are not the same so we will find the solution!

Watching Hulu Outside the US

Lots of people love watching Hulu because it offers a great number of different films, series, useful videos on different topics. Citizens on the Unites States enjoy Hulu everyday from their homes and even from offices but when you move outside the USA you cannot watch Hulu because it is available only from the US IP. Let us find the answer to a question how to watch Hulu from outside the US?

Is it safe to download torrents?

Bittorents are extremely popular today. People use p2p services to share some files like music, videos, etc. But is it safe to download torrents?
In some countries people use torrents without any scares. But if you live in USA or some other country where p2p are prohibited you must be careful downloading torrents. I am not sure what punishment can be used for those who share and download torrents but in any case is it a good idea to stay anonymous and hide your IP if you download bittorents.

Poker VPN. VPN for Poker

On-line casinos and gambling sites are extremely popular today. Lots of people spend their time and money there. Some people believe this is evil because gambling can became an addition. Players spend fortune in on-line casinos.

Bypass Vindictus IP Block

On-line games are very popular today and lots of people spend hours in the virtual world. There is a big variety of games today and Vindictus is one of the most popular. The game is fantastic, amazing and really interesting but there is one unpleasant thing - Vindictus is available only for America and Canada. There are some servers in Europe but they few people play there so they are not attractive.

Bypassing Web Filter

Nowadays lots of Internet users face the problem of Internet filters and of course they need easy and reliable way to get and access to blocked sites and services. There are many different web filters that can block you but one of the most popular is ip ban.

What are the ways of bypassing web filter?

Generally there are a great amount of different answers for the question. You can use free or paid services, software or hardware solutions, sites to unblock other sites and others methods to bypass Internet filtering.


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