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Watching Netflix Outside the US - How to watch Netflix outside US with VPN Service

Millions of people all over the world love Netflix. This is a fantastic service that offers tones of videos. Everything is good about it but one – it is available only for the United States. What to do if you need to go abroad?

How to watch Netflix outside the US?

The point is that Netflix does not have a security guard who watches if you use Netflix in the United States or from overseas. The only thing that is important for Netflix is your IP address. When you are in Sates you have USA IP by default but when you are outside the country you have another IP and Netflix will be restricted for you if you try to open it from non US IP.

Understanding the way how Netflix blocks users we can easily find the solution how to watch Netflix outside the US. All we need to resolve the issue is just to change IP address to USA.

Netflix VPN

Today there are many services that can help you to hide your real IP and change it to USA. One of the most reliable and solid way is usa vpn service. You need personal vpn account to change your IP to United States and watch Netflix from abroad.

Unlike free proxy sites vpn connection is more stable and fast that is very important for Netflix streaming.

Good USA VPN service costs about 10$ a month. You can create new vpn connection and watch Netflix abroad on your PC, iPad, xbox and any other device that supports vpn and can be used to watch Netflix outside USA.

Also you must remember that vpn connection only changes your IP address but cannot improve your Internet channel. So if you are in some countries where Internet connection is not very fast you still can have some troubles watching Netflix even with vpn account.

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