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Iphone vpn. The Best vpn for iPhone

iphone vpnInternet penetrates into our life not so many years ago but today it is very important and essential part of our life. Modern people need to stay on-line 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and of course, this would be impossible without such a fantastic devices as iPhones. Apple iPhone let you to control your business process any moment and from any place of the world. Also you can visit sites and communicate with your customers, friends and family with this gadget. Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and all the other world is in your hands with new modern iphones.

Unfortunately sometimes Internet filters prevent web surfing. For example sites like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter can be blocked in your office or in school. Also in some countries like China all this great staff in blocked by default. To resolve all these problems you can just use iphone vpn. This is a special technology that lets to make a secured virtual tunnel inside your Internet connection. Under the vpn you can hide your real Ip and also hide all your traffic. If you use iphone vpn nobody can monitor your on-line activity, neither your boss, nor ISP, nor anybody else.

You can unblock any restricted sites, use Skype and Voip in countries with Internet censorship and stay private and protected in the global network.
IPhone vpn is very easy to setup and you do not need any special iphone vpn application.
Below you can find an easy and clear step by step guide

How to setup vpn in iphone

  1. Click Settings > General > Network > VPN.
  2. Select Add VPN Configuration.
  3. Choose PPTP VPN.
  4. Enter you vpn account data (vpn server address, your user name and password that you received from your iphone vpn service provider).
  5. Save your new vpn configuration.

In the future every time you need to use iphone vpn just put in on.

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