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How to Watch Hulu in Canada

Hulu is one of the most watched video sites after Youtube. It contains lots of great American series, TV shows and others great videos. Hulu stream videos for America and you do not even think about your IP while you are in the United States. Millions of Americans love Hulu and watch it every day. However when you are abroad you cannot watch hulu and you need to use some tricks to watch Hulu from Canada.

As soon as Hulu blocks non American IP addresses it is logical to change your IP so it looks like you are in the USA. USA Proxy is the first that comes to mind. Unfortunately Hulu blocks most of free proxy sites so we need another solution.

USA vpn service is a perfect solution for this problem. Virtual private network or vpn is a secured tunnel inside general vpn connection. It lets to change your IP address to

American and the most amazing thing that Hulu vpn works for watching Hulu in Canada.

So how to watch Hulu in Canada?

  1. First of all you need to have Hulu account. You cannot watch Hulu even with Hulu vpn if you do not have access to the site.
  2. Buy USA vpn account. Today there are many vpn services who offer USA vpn accounts. Some of them are free and others are paid. The most important things you need to pay your attention is USA ip address, speed limits and of course price. If you buy vpn account for longer period it usually costs much cheaper.
    I would recommend you using reliable and fast personal usa vpn.
  3. Create a new vpn connection from your PC, ipad, mac or other device to usa vpn server. Here you can find vpn setup instructions for different OS.
  4. Watch Hulu from Canada or any other country outside the United States.

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