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Dedicated IP VPN Service

Internet is undivided part of our life today and Internet security is very important question for millions of users all over the world because personal and business data are shared via the net.

VPN technology is the best solution to keep your Internet privacy under control and stay anonymous on-line. Personal vpn let you to bypass web filters and unblock sites, hide real IP and change it to USA, Canada, Europe IP or other. With Dedicated IP VPN account you can watch Hulu and Netlix abroad, play US based games and download torrents without being caught.

There a big variety of VPN Service providers today. Some of them offer you shared IPs and others provide you dedicated IP vpn accounts. What is the disparity between them and what kind of vpn should you select for your needs?

Shared IP vpn means that you and many others vpn users can use the same IP address for all the activities. One one hand this is more secure because all the traffic and Internet activity passed through one IP address. But on the other hand shared IP can be blocked easily due to some illegal actions of others vpn users with the same IP as yours.

Advantages of Dedicated IP VPN

Dedicated IP vpn service is a vpn service that provides you a vpn account with static IP address that is reserved for you.

Your dedicated IP cannot be blocked or ban due to others vpn users activities like this can happen with shared IP.

Also usually all ports are opened for your dedicated IP and this is very important when you need some special ports to be open.

Between disadvantages of dedicated IP vpn I can point that with such kind of vpn solution you have an access to one vpn server and you have one particular IP address.

Actually if you need to access blocked sites, bypass web filters or change your ip address it does not matter what kind of vpn do you get.

Dedicated IP vpn is the best choice for those who need to have their own ip and want to stay safe and anonymous in the Internet.

VPN account is a perfect way to mask real IP and get USA, Canada or European IP address.

With vpn service you can watch HULU, Netflix, USA TV abroad, unblock sites, download torrents safe and stay free and secure in the global network.

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