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Bypass Proxy in Saudi Arabia

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the largest part in Western Asia and the second largest in the Arab World. It is absolutely monarchy. Basic Laws of Saudi Arabia are based on Islamic Law Sharia and the Quran. It is interesting that no modern constitution has ever been written and all the rules in the country are based on Quran and Sunnah.
I don’t know what is written in Quran regarding Internet access but Internet censorship in KSA is very serious. Strict control on Internet access is present in Saudi Arabia like in many others neighbors countries.

All the international traffic is sent via proxy located in King Abdulaziz City for Science & Technology. Content filter is implemented there and a great volume of sites are restricted in Saudi Arabia. Surely many people are looking for a solution to bypass Saudi Proxy.
There are two kinds of restrictions: immoral websites – these are mainly adult or pornographic sites. Internet users are looking for a reliable solution to unblock such kind of sites in Saudi.

Another type of blocked content is based on directions from a security committee run by the Ministry of Interior. These are critical sites about the Saudi government, politics, etc..

Saudi Firewall filters are based on the resolution by Council of Ministers dated 12 February 2001. Since that time Internet users require a tool to unblock websites in Saudi Arabia.

The most aggressive censorship focused on pornography, drug use, gambling, religious conversion of Muslims, and filtering circumvention tools. In addition Saudi Arabia actively block "politically astray" and other websites that the government deems inappropriate, including content that discuss sexual education, family planning, feminism and gay rights. I believe this is absolutely immoral to block an access to family planning sites for example. Google and Wikipedia are also blocked in the country since 2006 year.

Surely people need reliable and easy solution to bypass proxy in Saudi Arabia.

VPN account for Saudi Arabia is a perfect method to bypass Saudi Proxy and access blocked websites. This is a secured virtual channel that lets to mask real IP address and encrypts all the traffic sent via VPN.

With VPN Account you can unblock any blocked sites in KSA, avoid Internet limits and stay safe and protected in the global network. If you care about your Internet security and privacy and at the same time need freedom and anonymity on-line you must consider VPN service as an easy and reliable solution to bypass web filters.

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