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How to Open Blocked Websites in UAE

Some years ago UAE was a poor country in the Middle East but today this is nice and rich young Asian land with Dubai – the richest city in Asia and real architect wonders in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Despite some emirates of the country are still not very developed millions of tourist desire to visit UAE every year.
Those who are going to UAE must know that Internet access is very limited there because of strict Internet censorship. This is usual situation for countries from that part of our world. Among them are Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iran, Qatar and many others. All of them have heavy Internt restrictions. Many websites and services are blocked in UAE because of religious, moral or others motives.

How to access blocked sites in the Arab Emirates?

There are various solution that can help you bypass web filters and access blocked websites in UAE.

You can try Google cache, online translation services, wayback machine, rss readers, proxy and vpn services, different unblockers.

To open blocked sites you need to hide real IP because most of UAE filters and blocks based on the IP restrictions. When you go on-line you automatically get UAE ip address or the ip of the country where you are now. So you cannot surf any website that is blocked from UAE IP address.

So to access blocked websites in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or others Emirates you have to mask your real IP address and change it to the ip of another country where those websites can be reached.

The easiest and fastest solution to hide real IP is proxy and vpn services.

Proxis are usually free but they can be slow, unstable and not secured.

Vpn for UAE is a virtual private network that lets of hide your real UAE ip address so you can access blocked sites in Dubai, Abu Dhabi UAE. In addition all the traffic sent via vpn are coded so you stay anonymous and secure on-line.

The only point you need to take into account is that reliable vpn services are usual paid. Today an average price for vpn account today is about 10$ a month VPN account is a perfect way to unblock websites in UAE. It can be used on many devices like iphone vpn, PC , MAC,iPad, ipod touch, Android, PS 3, xbox and others that support VPN technology.

To make a new vpn tunnel you do not need any special software or application. Just follow step by step vpn setup instructions for your device or operational system and enjoy your on-line security and freedom.

Unblock restricted sites in UAE with VPN account today!

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