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December 26, 2019


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How To Secure The Release Of Detained Immigrant in US

Immigration bond is necessary when US Homeland Security detains an immigrant friend or family member. The immigration and customs enforcement is a department of US homeland security that deals with matters related to immigration. A large portion of citizens are not conversant with the whole process of applying for immigration bond. However, it is essential to know that the whole process securing the bond is uncomplicated. It is critical first to consider whether the alien who is detained is eligible for immigration bond. The eligibility criteria is set by the US immigration and custom authority. There are two kinds of immigration bonds; voluntary and delivery bonds. Voluntary bonds give the detainee the option of leaving the country while the departure bond ensures that detainee appears in court to hear the litigation. Voluntary departure bond are refunded when immigrant leaves the US, but it is forfeited when the alien fails to fly. The value of the immigration is determined by the ICE. In circumstances where the US immigration and customs enforcement declines to establish a bond, the detainee can file litigation in court. An immigration judge solves this case. If the judge rules in favor of the detainee then immigration bond is granted, and the value of the bond is set. The payment of the bond cannot be made using cash or personal check. The department only accepts drawers check.

You will proceed with the payment if the process of applying for immigration bond is successful. The person paying must have legal status. Only USA citizen can pay the immigration bonds. The payment of the bond is supposed to make to the local immigration after scheduling and appointments. When bond is given, a specific local immigration office is selected to receive the detainee payment. To make payments, the payer is bound to call the local immigration to plan for payments. An immigrant can file litigation that is meant to lower the amount of the immigration bond. The judge discusses with the immigrate on the issue. The power of the judge doesn’t allow him or her to quote a higher amount than the required.

Once the bond is paid, the US immigration custom and enforcement officer calls the facility where the immigrant is detailed requesting for his/her freedom. The whole process of payment is short and straightforward, and after payment, a person can then move to the detection facility to pick the alien. Immediately the detainee is set free, make sure that you seek legal aid about the immigration bond. Make sure that you visit the homepage of the ICE to get more details.